An iPad with a keyboard is like a Prairie Schooner


Peter Cohen digs his iPad, but maybe not as much as I do. Peter feels that an iPad with a keyboard is like a car with a sail—You’re doing it wrong, or why using an iPad keyboard is like attaching a sail to your car—while I think, no, know that and iPad with a keyboard […]

10 tips to break through writer’s block

You can call it writer’s block if you like, but we writers often toss that term around so nonchalantly that I think it’s lost its meaning. What I mean when I say when I have writer’s block is when I need to write a post (e.g. a client is paying for a post to be […]

Writing, Posting, and Administering WordPress from iOS


Update Sept 4th: I added links to the core apps that I use on my iPad for writing. If you want to leave your laptop at home and just wander with your iPad, that’s cool. I’ve written a lot about doing that. In fact I’ve written a day’s worth of posts on my iPad while […]

Why is it still so hard to review and edit blog posts?

In my short time at SoMedia, I was thrown back into a curious place that I hadn’t been to an a long, long time—people needed to review and edit my posts before they went live. I’m not saying that my writing is flawless (ha!) nor that it never needs a little polish, but in this […]

Writing is writing, no matter how big or how small

My Masters thesis had some pretty ground-breaking results for the time. Some of the first data on what the Southeastern US was like during and after the last glacial maximum. The problem is that by the time my advisor and I were done with my thesis we were both so sick of the work (the […]