Would you buy a book on how to be a successful telecommuter?

I was inspired by a post today—How to Hit Rock Bottom and Come Back a Business Owner—and it’s put me at a bit of a crossroads of sorts. Right now I’m hemming and hawing about the choice to make, so I’m turning to you all for some insight.

I’ve got three books under my belt now (and proposing 2nd editions as well as a new book), but the first book I started to write hasn’t ever been finished. That book I’ve always titled “Daddy Wears Slippers to Work” is a nuts and bolts book on how to start, and be successful at, working from home. Sure you can think “working from home” as telecommuting or being a freelancer or whatever suits your fancy, but the main premise is that you work from home doing something.

More and more of us are working from home for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s a formal situation because you’re a consultant or your job wants to help reduce their impact on the environment, maybe it’s something more informal where you let the folks at the office know that you work from home Fridays during the summer. Doesn’t matter why you are working from home, but issues and challenges are all the same.

I’ve reached a point where I’d like to finish the book and I’d like to sell it. However, I’d like to keep a roof over my head and food on my table while I do it.

So, based on the post above, I am mulling the idea of:


  • Giving away part of the current draft here
  • Take pre-orders for the book at a discount off of what I will sell it for later
  • Use that money to help fund finishing the book
  • Self-publish the book in paper and electronic formats
  • Aim for an end of summer, early fall release

This idea is not without challenges. I have irons in the fire for full-time jobs that could push finishing the book into later in the year (if I get the jobs, that is). I’m not worried about other books interfering with this one, since I often flip from project to project when I’m working on books. I need to ensure that I can get enough pre-sale income to pay for things like logo design and real book layout (as well as life).

On the other hand if a small publisher would be interested in helping me in this project—did I mention that the book is more than half-way complete?—I’d be open to that possibility as well.

So, that’s where I’m at.

What I need now is some sense of interest and support for this project.

Would you be willing to pay a few bucks for the book in a pre-sale (let me know below)?

Or if you happen to be a publisher reading this, interested in this book?

And the mic is yours…



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    I think you would get for interest if written from the point of view of the company with what are the benefits of telecommuting. Throw in some tools/resources to help remote workers communicate with the rest of the team etc.


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