Writing, Posting, and Administering WordPress from iOS


Update Sept 4th: I added links to the core apps that I use on my iPad for writing. If you want to leave your laptop at home and just wander with your iPad, that’s cool. I’ve written a lot about doing that. In fact I’ve written a day’s worth of posts on my iPad while […]

Why is it still so hard to review and edit blog posts?

In my short time at SoMedia, I was thrown back into a curious place that I hadn’t been to an a long, long time—people needed to review and edit my posts before they went live. I’m not saying that my writing is flawless (ha!) nor that it never needs a little polish, but in this […]

Upcoming Class: Administering, Maintaining, and Customizing Your WordPress.org Site


Coming up on Saturday (Feb 23rd), I’ll be teaching my “Advanced WordPress” class down at UBC Robson square. I’ve only taught this class twice before and, as you can read below, assumes that you are both familiar with WordPress and using WordPress.org for your website: Intro to WordPress This course is designed for the WordPress.org […]

Intro to WordPress This Week and Other Classes coming up


This Saturday (January 19th) I’m teaching my Intro to WordPress class down at UBC Robson Square. The original goal of the course was “Building a Website with WordPress, For Regular People”, but the class has morphed and changed into something much better I think. Here is the info from the UBC Continuing Ed: Learn how […]

Blogging With Your iPad: A Basic How-To

2012-10-16 14.56.36-1-FSimage

You have an iPad. You’re surfing, you read and answer emails, read books, play games, watch movies, post to your blog… Wait, what? Post to my blog? No way! That’s way to hard. The apps don’t work well, and how, pray tell, do I deal with images? Huh, mister smarty pants professional blogger…oh right. While […]