WordPress Essentials now available: Over 3 hours of WordPress training videos for only $20

Over the past (oy) year I’ve talked about my “WordPress video project” that I was working on. The idea was simple, make screencast videos of everything you need to use WordPress in about 20 videos. The problem came that finishing Using WordPress and Sam’s Teach Yourself Foursquare in 10 Minutes kept pushing the videos to the sidelines. Every time the videos were delayed, WordPress was updated and I had to double check that everything was up to date. Eventually … I had to just start over and re-record all 20 videos for the latest versions of WordPress.

Which works out well for you because not only are the videos up to date, I got better audio equipment (Blue Mics Yeti FTW) and really learned how to get more out of Camtasia. The end result: 20 really awesome videos that give you soup to nuts everything you need to know about WordPress.

20 videos comes to over 3 hours of content.

Oh and it’s all only $20.

Yep you can buy WordPress Essentials, start downloading the videos right now.

I cover:

  • Registering domains and picking a host
  • Installing WordPress
  • How WordPress works and what all the functions do
  • How to write posts
  • How to pick and install plugins and themes
  • How to customize your theme without coding.
  • And more tips, tricks, and advice than you can imagine.

All of the videos are pretty short (the longest is about 12 mins I think), so you can watch them at your convenience. I think you’ll really like the videos. I certainly liked recording them (rendering them all at DVD quality is another matter) and in the process I learned a lot about explaining WordPress simply and quickly.

Just a word on which version of WordPress I was using when I recorded the videos. Since I wanted a stable, solid platform for all the things I wanted to show, I used WordPress 3.1. However, I was also watching and trying WordPress 3.2 at the same time to make sure what I was doing under 3.1 wouldn’t drastically change under 3.2. So, yes, 3.1 and 3.2 look a little different on the surface, but I made sure that if you watch these videos now, you’ll be good to go for WordPress 3.2 (which is the current version) and beyond.

So please go check out the videos and I hope you like them.


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