Why Pick One RSS Reader When You Can Use Three–At The Same Time

I’ve been a hard-core RSS user since the beginning of my blogging days and I think I’ve tried almost every RSS reader out there. Mashable just put out the Top 10 RSS Readers (as chosen by readers) … good list I think:

Top 10 Mashable Reader News Readers
10. Reeder (iPhone) [warning: iTunes link]

9. Times (Mac)

8. Klipfolio

7. Shrook (Mac)

6. NetNewsWire (Mac)

5. Twitter

4. FeedDemon (Windows)

3. NetVibes

2. Feedly

1. Google Reader

[From Top 10 News Readers Judged by Mashable Readers]

Oddly enough, I’ve used all of these apps. Right now I’m using 1-3, at the same time. Once NetNewsWire started to sync with Google Reader, that pulled two together, but what about Feedly? Thought you’d ask about that. Feedly started as a Firefox extension, but that wasn’t enough, they developed Feedly for Safari and Chrome. Okay, I can use Feedly in my browser so what? The so what is that NetNewsWire uses the Webkit browser… which is what Safari uses. It hit me that all I needed to do to enjoy Feedly and NetNewsWire and Google Reader together was to open a tab in NetNewsWire and open the local Safari-enabled file to get:


Not bad huh? The key to using any RSS reader is finding the way to get the information you need, when you need it. I can just skim things with my Feedly page or read in NNW. The choice is up to me and how much time I have.

Times works very much the same way. I used it for a while, but I just needed more info than I could cram into Times a one time. Sometimes, you just have to step into the fire hose and just hold on.


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