Why I bought Instapaper—again.

You know those moments in life when all the right pieces come together and stuff just seems to work out? Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it, but the world appears to be telling me that “Tris, your calling is to write stuff. A lot of stuff.” and who am I to disagree? From this revelation (or serendipity or happenstance or turn of fate), I bought a coolio keyboard folio for my iPad so I could write anywhere the mood strikes.

But this post isn’t about writing or iPad keyboards (This is the ZAGG folio I bought, btw). This is a post about apps.

You probably already know by now that I write posts on my Mac in Byword in Markdown then convert to HTML with Marked (I highly recommend both apps for writers and writing, btw). Now, on my iPad I’ve tryied a ton of text editing apps, but recently (thanks to my work with Cult of Mac) I learned about a new app called Writing Kit (if you want to read a great round-up review of writing apps, Charlie Sorrel has them all here).

Writing Kit has awesome, awesome support for Markdown and Dropbox and let’s you switch to an in-app browser for research and such. This is where Instapaper comes in.

When I first got my iPad two years ago, Sheila bought it for me in the States before it was available in Canada. So I opened a U.S. iTunes account which a U.S. iTunes card and started buying apps. In hindsight, this wasn’t the brightest decision I’ve ever made, since now I have apps in two different accounts. One of those apps was Instapaper.


You see one of the really cool features of Writing Kit is being able to tap into your Instapaper articles from within the app so you can pull those into things your writing. This feature, however, is only available to Instapaper subscribers. Okay, I’ll subscribe.

This is where things became problematic.

See, since I bought Instapaper with my U.S. account I couldn’t subscribe with my Canadian account, since my Canadian account didn’t actually own the app.

The last time Instapaper rolled out subscriptions, I contacted support and they were able to work things out. However with the new in-app model, I didn’t think it was going to be that easy this time.

So I did only only sensible thing.

I deleted Instapaper from all my devices and my Mac…and bought it again and then subscribed (for a year btw).

I could have tried to bug Instapaper support and tried to get another copy for free.

I could have just foregone the subscription.

But I didn’t.

The reason why simply comes down to this: Instapaper is an amazing app and my contribution by a second purchase and subscription helps support the app and Marco and his (growing) family.

Sure, I like to get apps for free. Sure, often I’m given codes to download an app for review. I also buy a ton of apps on my own, many of which I also review. However, I think it’s very important to support the app developers who make great apps. So if I’m throwing in another $5 to get Instapaper again, well, I think that’s just fine by me.

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