Why Doesn?t Rogers Understand Customer Service?

It?s odd why some companies wonder why people hate them.? Here is an example from Alec Saunders and Rogers Canada:

It was a very frustrating and weird experience.? Never have I seen the “it?s off the table” tactic used against consumers.? Nor have I have ever seen a company as unwilling to honour a published offer as Rogers was.? Moreover, as of five minutes ago, the web site still hasn?t been fixed so they?re still pulling the same bait and switch tactic on anyone else looking to buy Rogers Portable Internet.?

As for me, I have the $99 price of the modem back in hand, and I?m glad I didn?t commit to 12 months of service at even $19.95.? It simply wasn?t worth it for the amount of use I intended to make of it.? Source: Rogers? WiMAX bait and switch ? Alec Saunders .LOG

I?ve wondered about the device he is talking about ? darn good thing I didn?t go beyond, hmm wonder how that works ? and try it out!? I?ve had similar experiences with my cable/internet/phone provider Shaw.

Here?s a tip?treat your customers like you?d like to be treated when you?re a customer.? I bet things will go much better for you.

Hat tip Michael Geist

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