Who will buy Flickr now?

As much as Marissa Mayer—and many of us—would like to believe that the mess that is Yahoo! can be turned around, the sad fact might be that it is too far gone. If Yahoo gets most of its traffic, and therefore likely revenue, from three sources, and 2/3 of them are falling like stones well…

Yahoo has three big sources of traffic: the homepage, mail, and search.

Two out of three of those are declining precipitously fast, according to new ComScore numbers cited by Kara Swisher at AllThingsD.

From: Business Insider

Every time I hear dire predictions for what could become of Yahoo!, my first thoughts go to Flickr. Flickr might have been one of the last great purchases Yahoo! made and the only one that has remained an identifiable part of Yahoo!. Ahead of Instagram's gaff, Flickr started to give real attention to its mobile client. Then once Instagram and Facebook did stumble, they jumped on that chance with an offer of three months of Flickr Pro to new (and existing) users.


Clever for Flickr, but dangerous for Yahoo!.

I know I'm a bit of a broken record on Yahoo! selling and who would buy Flickr. I think I've written a post like this every year or so. However, I'm betting that either Yahoo! will turn on a dime, ditch most of its other assets, and totally focus on mobile—which Flickr would certainly be a huge part of—or Yahoo! will have to find a way to infuse some cash into the company and selling off valuable assets is a way to do that (again looking at Flickr).

Maybe Flickr could come back to Vancouver. Might be a nice addition to Tiny Speck or HootSuite. Maybe even Automattic could get in the game. Anyone but Facebook…

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