Vote in the Best of 604, or at least come to the party

About an hour ago Rebecca announced that voting was now open for the Best of 604 awardsMetro Vancouver Web Awards | Best of 604.

I’m nominated in the Best Personal Blog and best Sci-Tech blog categories, of course my friends are nominated in all the categories!

I’d love it if you’d vote for me, but with all the great blogs to choose from, no matter who you pick, you’re picking one of the best around.

The real fun will be next week on the 11th when we have the Best of 604 Gala. Admission? Lending a helping hand, a cash donation to the food bank (I think Rebecca doesn’t want to have to haul food again since our generosity can be overwhelming). Beyond the fun we always have together, there will be prizes. In fact Sheila is making a custom necklace and earring set to be given as a prize or raffled off. Whoever gets that will have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Now, go vote. You can vote only once per category. No repeat voting tomorrow or whatever. Just once. That’s it.

Now, shoo. And remember who sent you there when you vote! ;-).

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