Vancouver Opera Season Getting Under Way

Sheila ChristieI never thought I’d ever have not only known this, but also know what the Vancouver Opera is presenting this season. Chalk it up to dating an opera singer.

Anyway, first up is Eugene Onegin (pronounced like on-yay-gin hard “g”) and rehearsals start tomorrow. The opera is by Tchaikovsky and will be sung in Russian. If you’ve been following my tweets you’ll know that Sheila has been singing in Russian a lot lately. Believe me, not an easy language to sing in.

The performances start November 22nd through the 29th.

After that is Carmen Jan 24th – Feb 5th and then Rigoletto March 7 –17. Now Rigoletto will be really special because Sheila has a part in Rigoletto.

Sheila is in the opera chorus for Eugene Onegin and Carmen. I can’t remember if she’s in Salome off hand. I’ll be going to the dress rehersal for Onegin, the others, probably the same. No, I don’t get in for free.

On my way down to Gastown today I noticed that the first posters for Eugene Onegin were up, I had to take a picture or three:

Opera Collage

© Tris Hussey, 2008. Vancouver-based event and portrait photographer. Check out my photography portfolio for examples of my work.

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