Vancouver Geeks Speak Out, About Media Democracy on Friday

DaveO and I were chatting this afternoon about net neutrality as I was helping him with a post he’s writing for the Raincity Studios blog and we thought that in concert with Saturday’s Media Democracy Day here in Vancouver more Vancouver Geeks might want to get involved.

So Vancouver geeks speak up! Write about public policy issues around technology and democracy – net neutrality, copywrong, media access, voting, or whatever you think fits. Vancouver is well known for not only its thriving tech scene, but also its intellectual depth surrounding tech issues as well. Well then, let’s show off a little. How to get involved? Simple, write your post, link to Dave’s on the Raincity blog … and that’s it.

Dave’s post on net neutrality will go up tomorrow and I’ll be doing a follow up post as a part 2 on this blog. Dave will gather the links to all the posts on his post so we can all connect the dots around the city.

Then on Saturday why don’t you wander down the the Main Branch of the Vancouver Public Library for a full day of media related events—Media Democracy Day Vancouver – October 25, 2008 | Media Democracy Day.

We’ve all been seen the power of citizen media in the past elections and the spread of news, this is great but we all know that we depend on infrastructure and rights for this to continue.

What’s your burning issue around media democracy and freedom?

Update: Dave’s post on net neutrality is now up on the Raincity Studios blog

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