Using Foursquare in for business? I want to hear your story!

The chapters of Teach Yourself Foursquare are all coming together. I really only have one more chapter left to write—Foursquare for Business—and this is where I need your help. I need your stories of using Foursquare for business.

I would especially like to chat with the folks at Bravo, Zagats, TLC, VH1/MTV, and other companies who even have badges on Foursquare, but I’m not limiting the focus to them. Since this book is for beginners, I’m also interested in smaller businesses and how they have used Foursquare. Had a checkin deal? Foursquare party? Just drop me a line at tris [at] trishussey [dot] com. We can chat over IM, email, phone, Skype, whatever works for you!

I know there are great stories out there, and I want to include them in the first book published on Foursquare.


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