Update on Performancing, Pay-Per-Post, FeedBurner, & BlogBeat

Firstly I have to give the guys at Performancing credit.? Regardless of who they sold the blog network and metrics platform to, they did what a lot of us entrepreneurs hope to do?create something, make it successful, and be able to reap the rewards from that achievement.? I really enjoyed using Performancing's metrics app.? It get me a lot of data that I wanted in an easy-to-digest format.? Sure they had their detractors, but in the end they were offering something for free that did a really great job.

All that being said, I deleted all my metrics profiles for all my blogs this morning.? When I signed up for Performancing metrics (and I was one of the early testers) a while ago I made a tacit agreement that in exchange for getting metrics for free, they would get something out of it too.? It's clear now that "something" was their advertising network.? That was okay with me.? I haven't made the same agreement with Pay-Per-Post.? I don't like they way they started their business.? While I support the concept of writing reviews on your blog in exchange for some kind of payment, I believe that you have to be clear that it's a paid review and you need to be free to say what you wish about the product or service.? That's not the way Pay-Per-Post started their business.? While they seem to have had a change of heart lately, it wasn't without outside pressure.? I think that's wrong.

As I mentioned in the comments of my original post, soon after I posted it I was contacted by the folks at FeedBurner/BlogBeat offering to let me into the beta of BlogBeat integrated with FeedBurner.? I accepted, of course, and will give my review of it in the New Year (so that would be next week).

I think the purchase of Performancing by PPP raises questions about what you do when a free service you like is purchased by another company.? In this case the purchase was made my a nearly universally reviled company, what about others?? Google and Writely for example.? I suspect there will be many, many more of these purchases in 2007 and many more decisions like mine will have to be made.

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