Upcoming Class: Administering, Maintaining, and Customizing Your WordPress.org Site

Coming up on Saturday (Feb 23rd), I’ll be teaching my “Advanced WordPress” class down at UBC Robson square. I’ve only taught this class twice before and, as you can read below, assumes that you are both familiar with WordPress and using WordPress.org for your website:

Intro to WordPress
This course is designed for the WordPress.org user who wants to learn how to manage a site, edit themes and troubleshoot problems. Through in-class demonstrations and exercises, discover how to maintain and customize a self-hosted WordPress website, including manual installation, configuring plugins and creating child themes. Learn alternative uses of WordPress, as well as how to manage multiple WordPress websites. This class is intended for experienced computer users who are already familiar with WordPress.

Note: Build a Website with WordPress (IM810) or equivalent experience recommended.

Standard Fee: $350+tax

(UBC Continuing Studies)

The thing about this course was that it was born from students asking about editing themes in the intro class. So, I built a class around installing WordPress and creating a simple child theme from Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven.

This wasn’t the right way to approach the class and the needs of students.

See, most of the time, no one needs to modify their theme. Sure, lots of people do modify their WP themes, just by and large people are paying someone else to do it for them and this isn’t intended to be a “learn how to make a WP theme” class. Heck, I don’t even think I could teach that class on my own. I’m betting that Catherine Winters and I could teach a six-week course together, but that’s a horse of a different color. This is about me helping people run and maintain their WP.org-based websites.

So, coming up on Saturday the class is going to be a new class from the ground up. Much like I did with the WP.com (intro to WP) class in January (it will be offered again May 25th, but registration isn’t open yet), I’m stepping back and making sure I cover all the fundamentals that someone needs. To give you an idea of what I covered in the WP.com class (and what you should be generally familiar with if you’re taking the WP.org class), here are the slides from the intro class:

So for the Advanced WordPress class/WP.org class you will be installing WordPress on the class machines; installing and configuring core plugins; installing and configuring a theme or three; and learning how to administer all parts of the site. When you leave the class (brain suitably bursting with info), you’ll know how to/about:

  • WordPress is installed and where the core files are
  • Picking, installing, and configuring core plugins
  • Picking, installing, and configuring themes (we’ll pick a couple the class finds to play with)
  • Using demo content to help test a new website
  • Troubleshooting and fixing common WordPress errors
  • Tuning your site for SEO
  • Tuning your site for heavy traffic
  • Making basic theme edits
  • Making advanced theme edits.

I’m looking forward to this class and this more pragmatic approach to “advanced WordPress”.

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