New Yorker launches “open-source anonymous inbox” built by Aaron Swartz

Interesting read: New Yorker launches “open-source anonymous inbox” built by Aaron Swartz via Evernote This was a little experiment for trying to post from Evernote to WordPress automatically using IFTTT. Didn’t turn out as expected. That’s why we experiment!

Coming up on 2500 posts here

Wow who would have thought that over the past several years I could have written almost 2500 posts here. Check back next week for #2500, this is #2496.

Endings, Beginnings, & Transitions

I alluded to this earlier this week, but I figure it’s time to come right out and say it—The Next Web and I are parting ways. Yes the words “shocking”, “unexpected” and “unfortunate” are all apt descriptions of the situation. I started writing there in August, mainly to spearhead TNW Canada and later take a […]

Writer’s Frustration: Taking a Weekend Off

Oh, I’m not talking about I’m frustrated, therefore I’m taking the weekend off. No, I’m talking about the frustration that many writers and freelancers have: feeling like you can’t take a weekend off. Those of us in the self-employed brigade all know that time you’re not working is time you’re not earning, so it just […]

First, Know Thyself. Why I’m Not at Mental Health Camp

It’s no secret that I suffer from depression. In fact right now I’m participating in a study at UBC to see how to help working people deal with their depression (with medication) and get additional help (therapy). However, if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is what I need to do to […]