Tweetdeck getting funding isn’t crazy, it’s the next move forward: stuff that works

Yeah I love TweetDeck , it’s open all the time and one of the first things I installed on my netbook. TweetDeck is the only way I’ve found I can get much out of Twitter at all. Iain is a very talented guy and eventhough I didn’t “get” TweetDeck at first, now I do.

Om Malik thinks Iain getting $500k in angel funding is a sing of Twitter insanity, I have to strongly disagree.

[From Tweetdeck Funding…a Sign of Twitter Insanity]

TweetDeck freakin’ works. Everyone who I’ve turned on to it wonders how they lived without it. Every-freakin-one. To me that is the mark of awesome software. I should know, I helped guide Qumana when it was the blog editor of choice for many in the pro-blogging community. People just “got it”. This means to me that if people “get” TweetDeck, then there is something to it. I know Iain has plans for the app. I know I have ideas too. I see TweetDeck becoming more and more a central dashboard of information, so lets give Iain the cash to live on so he can make this app rock.

Premium version? Since I already donated to TweetDeck as it is, I’m pretty sure I’ll pony up for new features.

What’s your crazy idea for TweetDeck? Come on, spill…


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