There is an old Vulcan proverb “Only Nixon could go to China.” Nixon in China-Overture

It’s not often you can start off a post about opera with a quote from Star Trek. Since the opportunity was there, I just had to take it. Regardless, it’s opening night for Vancouver Opera’s production of Nixon in China, which is the Canadian première of the opera (take that Toronto and COC!). This production is a rarity in the opera world because this is a brand new production that Vancouver Opera commissioned for this premiere. Meaning sets, costumes, everything is new. Putting on a new production is a tremendously expensive undertaking (which is a good thing it’s part of the Cultural Olympiad!), so being able to see opening night, of a new production, of the first time a work has been shown in your country. Yeah, this doesn’t happen often.

Like ever.

This is also unique for me in that it’s the first opera I’ve listened to before seeing it. Like over a dozen times. Turns out Nixon in China is good to write to, who knew?

I’m sure I’ll have more to say from behind the scenes later, but for now Gus and I are holding the fort here at the table (bloggers are so rarely punctual it seems).



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