The eclectic Vancouver Police Museum wins the Sponsor a Museum support

You know any museum that not only has a confiscated Klingon knife, but a GPS database of all the former brothels, gambling houses, and illegal saloons of Vancouver’s past is pretty cool.

Turns out that Victoria’s Zero One Design thinks so too because they are giving the museum help to take their technology to the next level. Chris Mathieson, who is both my friend and Exec. Dir. of the museum, is understandably excited about this whole thing. Given that the museum is already pretty tech savvy, I’m expecting something really cool about this…

The Sponsor a Museum program offers one Canadian museum the chance to take their museum—whether it be via their website, online gallery, or collection management tools—to the next level with the assistance, skills and grunt work from the self-confessed museum tech “geeks” at Zero One Design. “We have been working exclusively with museums, galleries and cultural institutions for twelve years, and we enjoy sharing what we’ve learned,” explains David Alexander, CEO of Zero One Design. “The Vancouver Police Museum has an incredibly diverse and eclectic collection. We’re keen to find new ways to share it with the public online.”
link: Police Museum Wins “Sponsor a Museum” Support

If you want to hear about Vancouver’s seamy side, you need to take in one of the Sins of the City walking tours. This is where you get the real deal history of Vancouver and some great insight into the city as it is right now.

Congrats Chris and the whole museum!


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