Rock Me Amadeus: Marriage of Figaro Opening


Ah Mozart. Love Mozart’s music, but I haven’t been to a Mozart Opera before … until now. The Marriage of Figaro is the second play in a trilogy, Barber of Seville comes first in the series of plays, but as an opera was second (by 30 years, so the prequel isn’t a new invention!). Regardless, […]

Nixon has flown home, but there are two more operas yet to come this season

This a a belated post, since Nixon in China closed this weekend, but that’s okay because the two operas I’m most looking forward to are coming up next. I haven’t been to a Mozart opera yet, but I tend to like Mozart, and have been listening to Don Giovanni so I think I’ll enjoy Marriage […]

There is an old Vulcan proverb “Only Nixon could go to China.” Nixon in China-Overture

It’s not often you can start off a post about opera with a quote from Star Trek. Since the opportunity was there, I just had to take it. Regardless, it’s opening night for Vancouver Opera’s production of Nixon in China, which is the Canadian première of the opera (take that Toronto and COC!). This production […]