That’s One Way To Get People To Stop Reading Your Papers: Microsoft To Help News Corp Get Off Google

I’m not sure if Rupert Murdoch is a brilliant business mind, just doesn’t get the Internet, or just plain nuts. Maybe buying MySpace was a good idea when News Corp bought it, but it certainly isn’t holding much value now. Now with his massive newspaper holdings also having trouble, if his papers are following all the other papers, he wants to remove his papers from the current market leader in search engines:

Yes, really. Rupert Murdoch’s crusade to blame Google for the failing newspaper business model continues today, as it emerges that News Corp has conducted talks with Microsoft about de-indexing the company’s sites from Google and (presumably) being paid to include them in Bing instead.

[From Microsoft and News Corp in Discussions to Remove Newspaper Content from Google]

This isn’t new news, per se, but what is interesting is that Microsoft is potentially helping in this endeavor and pushing people to Bing to find the information. I’m not too sure about how well that might work. I’m not going to hop over to Bing just to find articles from the WSJ.

How do you find your news online?

If Pete Cashmore is right, and I’m betting he is, the end result will only server to further marginalize News Corp holdings on the Internet and allow other news sites to fill the void.

Here in Vancouver I think the Vancouver Sun and Province are starting to work on new ways to monetize their news programs. Maybe they haven’t gotten it all figured out yet, but my read is that they are at least trying to work with new technologies instead of fighting the Internet-search centric trends.

The unanswered question will be, if News Corp has all of its sites pulled out of Google, how will they replace the search traffic and how will they get people to visit the sites. I’m not sure a connection to Bing will help matters. Wonder if News Corp will go after bloggers who link to their sites as well?



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