Telus to Get the Palm Treo 755p and Maybe Blackberry Pearl 2

Telus confirms the Treo 755p is coming soon, which will be the first Palm device in Canada to have turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps without a GPS?gee I?ve had this on my Berry 7130e for a long while. What is more interesting is the rumour that Telus customers (I?m one btw) might get the next rev of the Blackberry Pearl:

The fine folks at BlackBerry Sync have heard that Telus will be getting the fabled BlackBerry Pearl 2 before New Years. The jury?s still out on whether the Pearl 2 is going to be the BlackBerry 8130 with modest upgrades such as a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a 2 megapixel camera, or if it?s a beefier device with Wi-Fi. Source: Blackberry Cool

Could Telus customers finally get a Blackberry with a camera? I have to say, however, that although the Pearl is very cool, it?s almost bordering on too small.

It drives me batty how your choice of carrier can really hamstring your choices of technology. Telus has EVDO (which rocks), Rogers, EDGE (which I guess doesn?t). Telus?CDMA, Rogers, GSM. Just don?t get it.

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