What kind of writing app do you use?


If you answered, “duh, Word…” to the title of this post, you might just be missing out on being more productive in your writing. See, among writers (i.e. those of us who get paid to write things for you to read) there is a large (and growing) trend toward focused writing apps. I’m not just […]

Return of The Text Editor?


Remember when almost everything you did on a computer was, essentially, in plain text? Sure there were “word processors” back in the day, but the “formatting” was really just markup within text to start and stop formatting. Then came the “revolution” of WYSIWYG. Now, I’m not going to decry that as a terrible thing in […]

Have Keyboard, Will Travel: A Hired Gun Writer?

A wonderful year 2010 has been for me. I got married, finished my second and third books, and feel like I’ve really come into my own as a writer. I also got back into the tech journalism biz again at The Next Web, and then not. I’m neither resting on my laurels nor wearing sackcloth […]

Scrivener Winners Announced!

Yes, bad Tris, I didn’t announce the winners earlier. Note to self: don’t have something like a contest end right before your honeymoon and having big writing deadlines. Other stuff tends to fall off the plate. In any case, I’ve picked the two winners for the contest—More Back to School Tips and a Contest! Win […]

Return of the long form—Tweet thee no more?

There’s been a lot of buzz (pun intended) about the return of the “long form blog”—which is kinda ironic that blog posts are now considered “long form” content—Leo Laporte is trying to get back into posting more regularly after a snafu with his Google Buzz feed. Folks like Louis Gray never abandoned blogging, they just […]