Writing, Posting, and Administering WordPress from iOS


Update Sept 4th: I added links to the core apps that I use on my iPad for writing. If you want to leave your laptop at home and just wander with your iPad, that’s cool. I’ve written a lot about doing that. In fact I’ve written a day’s worth of posts on my iPad while […]

Moving On—I’m Leaving iPhoneHacks

It was a new challenge and an exciting one, but at the end of the month I will be leaving iPhoneHacks.com as their editor in chief. I’ve contributed there for many months and in late October-November accepted a position as their editor in chief to “take the site to the next level”. I wish to […]

Writing is writing, no matter how big or how small

My Masters thesis had some pretty ground-breaking results for the time. Some of the first data on what the Southeastern US was like during and after the last glacial maximum. The problem is that by the time my advisor and I were done with my thesis we were both so sick of the work (the […]

Death Wardens: Susan, Part 1

“This is Susan…” Gabe and I are sitting a our favorite coffee place. A little out-of-the way cafe close to a small park. Great espresso—local legend tells that Starbucks tried to buy the recipe, but the owner wouldn't sell—decent (and secure) WiFi, good couches. Everything an assassin and his handler need to chat about the […]

Tapping volume up and volume down…

Doesn’t help get the words flowing for the next chapter. But maybe this blog post will. Like the new header images? Yeah you’ll see those again as figures in Teach Yourself WP Templates… Amazing how taking a few pictures, editing in Aperture and Acorn, then uploading to a WordPress site can be called “work…”, and […]