It isn’t starting a book that’s hard, it’s continuing to write it


Book Three is starting to gel, but it’s been a tough few nights of writing to get to this place. See, I don’t find starting a book hard, it’s after I have the first 2 or 3 chapters written that I hit a wall. It’s at that very moment when I tend to step back […]

If you stretch before you exercise, do you warm up before you write?

I hadn’t realized it before, but I have a pretty solid writing routine which oddly enough involves–writing. How many times have you sat down to your computer or a blank piece of paper and tried to force yourself to write a proposal, blog post, article, book and just got absolutely nowhere? Staring at a blank […]

My teachers were right, outlines help, but maybe not how I was taught


Remember those days in high school when you were learning how to write term papers? My very well-meaning teachers tried to get us to use notecards and create outlines, anything to help us write better organized papers with the correct citation in the bibliography. And I hated and chafed at every, single moment of it. […]