It isn’t starting a book that’s hard, it’s continuing to write it


Book Three is starting to gel, but it’s been a tough few nights of writing to get to this place. See, I don’t find starting a book hard, it’s after I have the first 2 or 3 chapters written that I hit a wall. It’s at that very moment when I tend to step back […]

If you stretch before you exercise, do you warm up before you write?

I hadn’t realized it before, but I have a pretty solid writing routine which oddly enough involves–writing. How many times have you sat down to your computer or a blank piece of paper and tried to force yourself to write a proposal, blog post, article, book and just got absolutely nowhere? Staring at a blank […]

My teachers were right, outlines help, but maybe not how I was taught


Remember those days in high school when you were learning how to write term papers? My very well-meaning teachers tried to get us to use notecards and create outlines, anything to help us write better organized papers with the correct citation in the bibliography. And I hated and chafed at every, single moment of it. […]

Sometimes you just have to write

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “fake it til you make it”, meaning that if you’re not happy pretend you are happy until you feel that way…or a myriad other examples. Sometimes, you know, writing is like that. I’ve been stumped on what to write about here for a couple days. Sure, there has been […]