WordPress Essentials now available: Over 3 hours of WordPress training videos for only $20

Que_ WordPress Essentials (Video Training)

Over the past (oy) year I’ve talked about my “WordPress video project” that I was working on. The idea was simple, make screencast videos of everything you need to use WordPress in about 20 videos. The problem came that finishing Using WordPress and Sam’s Teach Yourself Foursquare in 10 Minutes kept pushing the videos to […]

Next big project: WordPress Essentials video tutorials

Just in case you think I’m going to slack off after Teach Yourself Foursquare is done, as soon as that project is finished I’ll be starting my next project: WordPress Essentials. This is a video-based project that will take the videos that I did for Using WordPress and take them to the next level of […]

I’m going to try out VaultPress, but I might not spring for it


A while back, Matt and the Automattic gang (maybe a pose now) let the world know that they were working on a new service to back up WP.org-based blogs—Announcing VaultPress | VaultPress Blog. It was clear from the get go that this was going to be a premium service and there would be no free […]

WordPress 3 & Parent-Child Themes from WordCamp Vancouver

If you missed WordCamp Vancouver and wanted more than the slides I posted previously, now you can watch Catherine Winters & I talk about WordPress 3.0 just a short while before it came out: As Catherine & I talked about, WordPress 3.0 is a very easy (and fast) update for people who are already using […]

Can you post using an iPad through Safari?

Can you post using an iPad through Safari? It appears so, as long as you use HTML mode. Which isn’t so bad all things considered. Hmm. So, maybe you can’t do everything, but it’s a lot better than the WP app. Well maybe.