Updating Editions—What did I miss the first time?

Photo Jun 13, 1 09 29 PM

Here I thought that being asked to write a book (or three) was pretty cool. Nope, turns out being asked to update them for a second edition is better. If the book was a flop, then the publisher wouldn’t want to spend any more time or money on it, but if it does pretty well, […]

Open Question: How much CSS and PHP to put in an intro WordPress book?

It’s coming down to the wire here with Using WordPress. This month’s project is round one of author review of all 18 chapters, followed next month by second author review of all 18 chapters again. This means that I get to go through all the chapters and fix errors (not too many) and bring the […]

Sneak Listen at Part of Using WordPress: Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth It?

As you might have gathered, even though I haven’t been posting much lately, I finished the first draft of Using WordPress on schedule in mid March. Finishing another book, and this time on time, is a great feeling. That, however, isn’t what this post is about. This post is a sneak peak (or listen) to […]

Appearances can be deceiving-Things I’ve learned about WordPress 3.0

Did you hear that sound? That low, thunking kind of sound? Yeah that’s the sound of a writer working on a book about WordPress banging their head against a wall (or desk). In case you didn’t know, book publishing timelines are rather long. Not as long as say, Microsoft OS releases, but typically longer than […]

What are the Hard Parts of WordPress You’d Like Explained?

One of the important parts of Using WordPress are the screencast-video segments and the podcast-audio segments that accompany each chapter of the book. I’ve completed the screencasts for Chapters 1-9, but while I think I”m done with them I might have a few more to record or change up a few. Which leads me to […]