I’m going to try out VaultPress, but I might not spring for it


A while back, Matt and the Automattic gang (maybe a pose now) let the world know that they were working on a new service to back up WP.org-based blogs—Announcing VaultPress | VaultPress Blog. It was clear from the get go that this was going to be a premium service and there would be no free […]

Why isn’t there a blog this function for the WordPress iPad app?

Riddle me this…we can post from an iPad to our WordPress blogs, but there is no blog this function in safari to post something that you’re reading.

WordPress App for iOS devices updated. Now we can paste on the iPad!

Automattic updated the native WP client for iPhones, etc…and wow you can paste on the iPad now! Cut-and-paste now behaves as expected on the iPad. [#438] [From WordPress for iOS › WordPress Version 2.5 for iOS] Wow. When will the innovation end! 😉