Prediction: Hunch & Quora gather a ton of buzz, then fizzle out

You all know that I pride myself on trying to be helpful to people. I make time to answer questions, solve tech problems, offer insight without a thought of charging money for my sage wisdom. To be honest, I genuinely like being helpful. Given this predilection, I see the immediate attraction of Hunch and Quora. […]

Requsite Google Buzz Post

Yep, it’s interesting. We’ll see. EOM.

Writing is harder than both teaching and doing, but is great for learning


Something came in the mail today, which has made this whole “book” thing very, very real. No, not money, the book! I won’t even get to hold it in my hot little hands for a few hours yet, but that’s not what this post is about. While I was writing Create Your Own Blog it […]

Never say never–Facebook Fan Page and Adsense comes calling


Yeah, I’m a well known Facebook curmudgeon and haven’t had ads here on the site for years now, but yesterday that changed. Sigh. I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong, or at least when I need to wise up to reality. I know Facebook is huge and lots of people make that the centre of […]

My must have WordPress plugins

Even though it’s been the holiday season, work on Using WordPress hasn’t slowed down only a wee bit. Several of the initial chapters are now in the loving hands of my editors and I’m proceeding full steam ahead. Since crowd sourcing works pretty darn well for getting feedback, commentary, and information, I’m looking for a […]