Tiny Speck Brings Forth Glitch–Something New in Social Gaming?

Flickr is one of Vancouver’s greatest Web 2.0 success stories. Born in Yaletown, bought by Yahoo, and continues to go strong (at least me and my 14,000 photos hope so). Today (like “today” as in midnight Pacific time) Stewart Butterfield’s latest project has a name, a look, and some light shed upon it. Over the […]

Who Needs a Social Media Club Anyway?

Do we really need to get people in a room to talk about social media? Seriously, won’t SMC Vancouver just become some kind of self-referential echo chamber where everyone is an “social media expert” or consultant or “social media marketer”? Come on who needs to talk about social media, haven’t we got it all figured […]

Vancouver Rocks the Canadian Social Media Influencer list

We shouldn’t be surprised that after seeing the list of nominees for most influential women in Canadian social media that when the guy’s list came out it would be stacked with a lot of Vancouver (and environs) folks on the list… Boris Mann bmannconsulting.com Darren Barefoot http://www.darrenbarefoot.com/ Jon Husband http://blog.wirearchy.com/ Jordan Behan jordanbehan.com Kris Krug […]

Congrats to all of the winners of The Best of 604

Last night we had the first of what I know will be many Best of 604 galas. It is safe to say if you are involved in social media, in town, and not sick you were there at The Cellar last night. The winners from last night were the cream of the crop, but honestly […]

Vancouver Geeks Speak Out, About Media Democracy on Friday

DaveO and I were chatting this afternoon about net neutrality as I was helping him with a post he’s writing for the Raincity Studios blog and we thought that in concert with Saturday’s Media Democracy Day here in Vancouver more Vancouver Geeks might want to get involved. So Vancouver geeks speak up! Write about public […]