TweetDeck ups the Twitter List ante for all Twitter apps

When Twitter added lists not only was there a race to build (and get on) lists, but Twitter clients to add support for them. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched Hootsuite, Nambu, and others add Twitter Lists support all the while waiting for my favourite Twitter tool, TweetDeck to add support. This morning the […]

Twitter is what you make of it

Yet another post about Twitter’s much studied demographics. Like most cool, new (or newly mainstream) things people want to define it. To study it. To dissect it like a hapless amphibian and figure out if by looking inside we can understand it as a whole. We’ve heard about the 60% drop off rate (which means […]

Mac Twitter Apps Showdown: TweetDeck, Nambu, Tweetie for Mac

Beyond the post Oprah-on-Twitter hype, the majority of folks I know and chat with on a regular basis are tweeting business as usual. So while Ashton, CNN, and Oprah were getting headlines and new Mac Twitter app was being chatted about in my Twitter stream. Tweetie for Mac is a desktop app brought to you […]

Tweetdeck getting funding isn’t crazy, it’s the next move forward: stuff that works

Yeah I love TweetDeck , it’s open all the time and one of the first things I installed on my netbook. TweetDeck is the only way I’ve found I can get much out of Twitter at all. Iain is a very talented guy and eventhough I didn’t “get” TweetDeck at first, now I do. Om […]