I’m going to try out VaultPress, but I might not spring for it


A while back, Matt and the Automattic gang (maybe a pose now) let the world know that they were working on a new service to back up WP.org-based blogs—Announcing VaultPress | VaultPress Blog. It was clear from the get go that this was going to be a premium service and there would be no free […]

I guess I’m a radical copyright extremist

According to James Moore I’m a radical (copyright) extremist Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore delivered a keynote address at a conference sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce’s IP Council today and according to media reports warned against “radical extremists” seeking to oppose Bill C-32. It should be obvious to virtually everyone that labeling those that […]

When was the last time you tried (or retried) a new app?

We all get set in our ways as far as the apps we use day-to-day goes. I know there are apps I wouldn’t turn away from for the world…or would I? Being the geeky sort I live and die by my text editor. There are days (weeks) that my text editor pretty much never closes. […]

Prediction: Hunch & Quora gather a ton of buzz, then fizzle out

You all know that I pride myself on trying to be helpful to people. I make time to answer questions, solve tech problems, offer insight without a thought of charging money for my sage wisdom. To be honest, I genuinely like being helpful. Given this predilection, I see the immediate attraction of Hunch and Quora. […]

What My Dad Taught Me About Tech…Always Read the Manual

Inspired by both Gizmodo—What Our Dads Taught Us About Tech—and Kevin Purdy’s post—What My Dad Taught Me About Tech—here’s what my dad taught me: Always read the manual. Here’s the story.