Would You Use iBooks as your iPad PDF reader?


I’m not sure this is a great idea, but it is certainly a nice option: Once you’ve got the files uploaded to Dropbox, though, how do you get them into iBooks? Just find the PDF in Dropbox on your phone, hit “Open With” and choose iBooks. It’s easy as pie, and your PDF files will […]

My teachers were right, outlines help, but maybe not how I was taught


Remember those days in high school when you were learning how to write term papers? My very well-meaning teachers tried to get us to use notecards and create outlines, anything to help us write better organized papers with the correct citation in the bibliography. And I hated and chafed at every, single moment of it. […]

Social Media and Business–no different then versus now

Way back in 2005, when “business blogs” were pretty rare creatures, those of use who were pushing the boundaries and getting some of the first businesses to actively use blogs were telling businesses to start blogging only if they were serious about getting input from their customers. If they weren’t ready for that kind of […]

WordPress Isn’t The Best CMS

Yes, you read that correctly, WordPress isn’t the best CMS out there. WordPress is, however, the CMS I like best. My BCIT class on Thursday afternoons is one of those great groups of students that everyone should have the opportunity to teach. They challenge me constantly. No, not in a disrespectful way, in an intelligent […]

New Introductory and Advanced WordPress Courses Available from BCIT

By popular demand, I am teaching another round of WordPress courses January 16th and April 10th, 2010. These courses are being offered through BCIT and will be offered as separate morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session will use WordPress.com to build a website/blog. The afternoon session will use WordPress you install yourself to build […]