Slide out of the spotlight and start being interesting


It’s taken me a few days to come up with the angle here. I read this Business Insider post on Klout—Klout and startup adolescence—and I knew there was a good post in there (beyond saying “oh Klout is terrible” or “how we need Klout more than ever”), I just couldn’t quite put my finger on […]

Starting a new job: Joining eCrypt Technologies February 1st

I’m happy to announce that starting February 1st I’m going to be joining the encryption startup eCrypt as their full time web-social media-community manager guy. This is a very exciting time for me, the new product that eCrypt has in the works is quite cool and could very well spark a whole new interest in […]

Can Twitter Make It?

Sometimes, especially after this week’s Twitter DNS debacle—Internal Twitter Credentials Used in DNS Hack, Redirect-Twitter Email Security Blamed for Latest Hack—, I wonder if Twitter really has what it takes to make it in the long haul. It certainly took them long enough to get basic scaling working. At least now a simple Apple announcement […]

Ideas On Tap Tonight in Yaletown: Giving Vancouver Tech a Boost With Beer


One of my favourite things about the Vancouver tech community is, well, the community. One of the main reasons I decided to throw caution, and a job, to the wind and stay in B.C. instead of moving to Toronto was the community and circle of friends I have here. So true to Vancouver form, after […]