So Many Apps, So Little Time

As I’ve been working on getting the Pomodoro Technique down—The Pomodoro Technique: Well Darn It I Like It—I’ve also been attacking the every present problem of getting and staying organized. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, since I’ve tried and failed at various organizational tools for years and years. Well, one of the “keys” […]

Scrivener: Making Better Software By Being Clear On What It Isn’t

There is no hiding the fact that I love using Scrivener from Literature & Latte for writing. Sure, I know I’m probably only tapping into a 1/10th of its power (I don’t use labels or status and barely use the document notes), but still Scrivener is just how I get my writing done. We Scrivener […]

When was the last time you tried (or retried) a new app?

We all get set in our ways as far as the apps we use day-to-day goes. I know there are apps I wouldn’t turn away from for the world…or would I? Being the geeky sort I live and die by my text editor. There are days (weeks) that my text editor pretty much never closes. […]

Why Pick One RSS Reader When You Can Use Three–At The Same Time

I’ve been a hard-core RSS user since the beginning of my blogging days and I think I’ve tried almost every RSS reader out there. Mashable just put out the Top 10 RSS Readers (as chosen by readers) … good list I think: Top 10 Mashable Reader News Readers 10. Reeder (iPhone) [warning: iTunes link] 9. […]

Twitter hits the mainstream and a crossroads: Time for an open server

So an actor named Ashton gets a million followers and a talk show host named Oprah joins Twitter and the world rejoices. Twitter has hit that magic point of becoming mainstream. Of course, there isn’t universal cheering, but that is to be expected. I’m sure the academic community was aghast when AOL users could send […]