Share Your Foursquare Memories for Teach Yourself Foursquare

Since the cat is out of the bag—Book Three Revealed! Teach Yourself Foursquare in Ten Minutes—that I’m writing about Foursquare for my third book, I want to pull the community into the book as well. Like all the social media tools we use now, Foursquare wouldn’t be much use without its users, so I want […]

Prediction: Hunch & Quora gather a ton of buzz, then fizzle out

You all know that I pride myself on trying to be helpful to people. I make time to answer questions, solve tech problems, offer insight without a thought of charging money for my sage wisdom. To be honest, I genuinely like being helpful. Given this predilection, I see the immediate attraction of Hunch and Quora. […]

No one, not a single one of us, is immune to a phishing scam

We geeks like to laugh and shake our heads at n00bs who fall for phishing scams of one sort or another. We chastise out less-geeky partners and implore them to use better passwords. All the while we, the geekerati, feel smuggly immune. Yeah, reality check, we aren’t immune in the least little bit. All it […]

Honestly, Do Any of Us Get Social Media?

Sometimes I have to wonder if we’re all nuts or something. We all talk about social media like there are “rules”, that we truly and honestly know what’s going on day to day. Emperor has no clothes? I’m not even sure there is an emperor to begin with! How about this, could we all just […]

Requsite Google Buzz Post

Yep, it’s interesting. We’ll see. EOM.