I think SEO should be simple

I’ve written and taught a lot about SEO over the years. One thing that I’ve always stressed is simplicity. That SEO needn’t be hard to work. I used to use All in One SEO Pack for all my WordPress-SEO needs, well that was until I discovered that Twenty Ten (the new default theme for WordPress […]

WordPress-powered Blogs Poised to Own Google Search Results

There were two semi-related bits of news yesterday that have the potential to give WordPress-powered blogs even more of an edge in Google search rankings. Two small changes that are going to change how we find and use information, and it all comes down to one word: PubSubHubbub (PuSH). First we got word that all […]

Learning more about Thesis, WordPress custom fields, and SEO

If you get to the point where you think you know enough to stop learning, then you’re too stupid to know that you’re finished. That might be crass, but over the past year with a book and a half under my belt I’ve figured out that I have a ton left to learn in this […]

Is using Google’s keyword tool for ideas pandering to SEO?


Getting new, fresh ideas for posts can be really hard. Honestly, now that I’m not pro-blogging anymore I just don’t seem to have the post output I used to have. There are hundreds of posts on how to get ideas for posts, but this post from the Reachd blog caught my eye: Here are the […]

Google SearchWiki boon or bust?


I didn’t really pay much attention to Google SearchWiki when it came out. Generally I’m not logged in to Google itself when I’m searching, so I didn’t notice. Being the curious sort I finally logged in and messed around with it. I searched for “Tris Hussey” and “Tris”. The first came up with the usual […]