Let’s get back to Word 5.1

Microsoft is getting a new CEO and whoever that is, that person is going to have a herculean task ahead of changing Microsoft so it can really compete in today’s new software market. BGR gives this blunt assessment: Asymco’s Horace Dediu on Tuesday wrote quite bluntly that “the problem for Microsoft” is that “you can’t […]

What kind of writing app do you use?


If you answered, “duh, Word…” to the title of this post, you might just be missing out on being more productive in your writing. See, among writers (i.e. those of us who get paid to write things for you to read) there is a large (and growing) trend toward focused writing apps. I’m not just […]

Scrivener Winners Announced!

Yes, bad Tris, I didn’t announce the winners earlier. Note to self: don’t have something like a contest end right before your honeymoon and having big writing deadlines. Other stuff tends to fall off the plate. In any case, I’ve picked the two winners for the contest—More Back to School Tips and a Contest! Win […]

Win a copy of Scrivener: Have you entered the contest yet?

Have you entered to win a copy of Scrivener yet? Why not? It’s worth $40 for this version and is eligible for a free update to version 2! Come on, leave a comment on the post and enter!

More Back to School Tips and a Contest! Win Scrivener!

Over on the Future Shop blog, Krypto has given you her tips for getting a great laptop—Student Laptop Buying Tips – From a Perpetual Student’s Perspective—well here are some more tips from someone who spent a good amount of time in class, and in front of it. Okay, truth be told, these aren’t all my […]