Good fences make good neighbors, especially when they are Flickr Geofences

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One of the things I’ve always liked about Flickr was the easy granular control over pictures. I have pictures of my kids up on Flickr, but to protect their privacy only people I mark as family and friends can see them. This is great, but what if I take a picture of something close to […]

Yep, I called it: Foursquare fires a privacy shot across Facebook’s bow

Yesterday we all got word that Facebook is announcing something Wednesday and that the something was going to be some location services like Foursquare. My gut told me that if Facebook did announce a location/checkin system that privacy would be a big concern—If Facebook launches “location services” would you use them?—and it looks like I […]

Zuckerberg’s Privacy Stance Ignores Being Chastised in Public by Canada

I try, as much as I logically and realistically can, keep Facebook at arm’s length from my world. I realistically can’t delete my Facebook account nor can I just eschew using Facebook as a powerful promotional tool within social media. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. Recently I commented on the nature of […]

Walking a line of publicity and privacy. Where do you stand?

Public or private. Tell the world, tell a few, tell no one. This is one aspect of social media that I constantly struggle with in my life. This evening Raul, Guacira Naves, and I were chatting about this very topic this evening at Blenz. The three of us all have our own stories of the […]

Who are your social media friends, really?

How many “friends” on Facebook do you have? Twitter? Foursquare? LinkedIn? If you’re like me probably “lots” is a safe answer, but there’s a problem with the term “friends” or “connections” because we use these tools to define our personal, professional, and informational networks many of the people on these lists aren’t really friends at […]