The heir apparent to the Ubuntu Edge is the iPhone 5S


A while ago I wrote a piece for Geek Insider about the (unsuccessful) Indiegogo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge—The Ubuntu Edge is the Real Start of the Post-PC Era—where I made the case that the Ubuntu Edge would be the real start of the post-PC era. A hand-held device that would would switch to a […]

iOS 5, iCloud, and Lion Updates Will Start Really Changing Things

Apple (Canada) - iOS 5 - 200+ new features for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The griping about the iPhone 4S—which the more I think of it is a great update to the iPhone 4—has overshadowed the real stuff that is going to make us love our iOS devices more—iOS 5, iCloud, and the Lion updates to support them. By all accounts, iOS 5 fixes how freakin’ annoying notifications are […]

Just how does autosave in Lion work?


Enjoying Lion are you? Enjoying apps that take advantage of autosave and versions capabilities (iWork, TextEdit and Byword for example)? Me too, totally. I prefer Pages to Word (for a ton of reasons like it starts up before I forget what I was going to write about and it doesn’t corrupt files seemingly randomly) in […]

Launchpad and Mission Control or Launch Aborted and Mission Impossible?


Are you using Launchpad and Mission Control? At the June 6th WWDC keynote about OS X Lion, those were two of the “breakthrough” features that users were supposed to be excited about, but have they lived up to their promise? While I’ve customized Launchpad so my key apps are handy and I assigned F5 to […]

iWork iOS comes to iPhones and iPod Touches: Apple’s Assault on Business Market?


The idea of the “office in your” pocket is something that we bandy about, but an iPad—or even one of the smaller tablets—aren’t really pocket sized per se. On the other hand, an iPhone certainly is and with Apple releasing iWork for iPhone and iPod Touch that ideal is getting pretty darn close. Yes, yes, […]