Go see Marriage of Figaro for the comedy, and the singing isn’t bad either

Fine, opera isn’t for everyone, but before you think opera isn’t for you, you need to go see one. Seriously. In the opera world there are a lot of great “first time operas” to attend. My first was Eugene Onegin (not in the list of first ones to see), Gus’s was Tosca, I’d put Madama […]

Getting a head the opera: Salome


Ah the end of the opera season. I’ve been lucky enough to attend all of the opera’s this season at Vancouver Opera, though tonight is the first time I’m seeing one without Sheila as a member of the cast. Sheila would be here to enjoy Salome, but she’s at home sick. Anyway, Salome. This is […]

Blogger Night at the Opera: Overture

I’m getting ready for Blogger Night at the Opera: Rigoletto and I thought you might like a little behind the scenes insight into preparing for a performance. It’s very important before a performance for a performer to feel ready. Relaxed, rested, stress free. What this boils down to is sleeping in, PJs most of the […]