Free iWork and the End of the Tyranny of MS Office


I know the world is focused on the new iPhones (5C and 5S) with their cool colors, souped up power, and fingerprint scanner, but I think one of the early (and smaller) announcements during today’s event has more far reaching implications than the devices. Implications that should scare the crap out of the folks in […]

Google Buying QuickOffice is the Death Knell for Microsoft

Office for Android, iPad, iPhone & Symbian » Quickoffice

That’s it, Microsoft you’re now toast. An also-ran. The writing is on the wall. Ship has sailed… Okay you get the idea. Why am I making this pronouncement? Because Google just scooped up QuickOffice which now renders Microsoft nearly (nearly) irrelevant in regards to its core product—MS Office. Google buys QuickOffice: what it means to […]

More Back to School Tips and a Contest! Win Scrivener!

Over on the Future Shop blog, Krypto has given you her tips for getting a great laptop—Student Laptop Buying Tips – From a Perpetual Student’s Perspective—well here are some more tips from someone who spent a good amount of time in class, and in front of it. Okay, truth be told, these aren’t all my […]