It’s not about a service, it’s about messaging

Oh Twitter. You can’t seem to catch a break can you? Why aren’t you making money? Why are you so unstable? Why can’t you be like your older brother Facebook, he’s got a business model? And now, why don’t users stick with you for more than a month? When MySpace and Facebook were at the […]

Mac Twitter Apps Showdown: TweetDeck, Nambu, Tweetie for Mac

Beyond the post Oprah-on-Twitter hype, the majority of folks I know and chat with on a regular basis are tweeting business as usual. So while Ashton, CNN, and Oprah were getting headlines and new Mac Twitter app was being chatted about in my Twitter stream. Tweetie for Mac is a desktop app brought to you […]

Twitter hits the mainstream and a crossroads: Time for an open server

So an actor named Ashton gets a million followers and a talk show host named Oprah joins Twitter and the world rejoices. Twitter has hit that magic point of becoming mainstream. Of course, there isn’t universal cheering, but that is to be expected. I’m sure the academic community was aghast when AOL users could send […]

Where does Twitter fit into your communication stream?

Hi, I’m Tris and I’m addicted to Twitter… I think it’s the fact that the messages are short and the flow of information is so fast that I just enjoy it. Rapid-fire, simultaneous discussions with tons of people at once (yeah “tons” isn’t terribly exact, I know). Twitter fills a niche between email and IM. […]

Was business blogging only a fad for the good times?

Jim Turner and I worked together at One By One Media and Bloggers For Hire when business blogging was a new and unproven way to reach customers. Yes, it was often a hard slog, but blogging was hot in the media and a lot of people were being told to “get a blog for us” […]