Can Twitter Make It?

Sometimes, especially after this week’s Twitter DNS debacle—Internal Twitter Credentials Used in DNS Hack, Redirect–Twitter Email Security Blamed for Latest Hack—, I wonder if Twitter really has what it takes to make it in the long haul. It certainly took them long enough to get basic scaling working. At least now a simple Apple announcement […]

Who are your social media friends, really?

How many “friends” on Facebook do you have? Twitter? Foursquare? LinkedIn? If you’re like me probably “lots” is a safe answer, but there’s a problem with the term “friends” or “connections” because we use these tools to define our personal, professional, and informational networks many of the people on these lists aren’t really friends at […]

Foolproof, Basic Blogging Tip: More Posts Means More Traffic

Yes, I’ve been posting more here lately. It seems that my blogging has run in fits and starts of late. Part of the issue, I think, has been the diversity of places I could publish to, coupled with lots of projects on the go I didn’t publish enough. So for the past few week I’ve […]

TweetDeck ups the Twitter List ante for all Twitter apps

When Twitter added lists not only was there a race to build (and get on) lists, but Twitter clients to add support for them. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched Hootsuite, Nambu, and others add Twitter Lists support all the while waiting for my favourite Twitter tool, TweetDeck to add support. This morning the […]

Google Wave is Getting Lots of Attention, But Too Early To Really Understand It

I have to admit, while got into Google Wave early, I haven’t done much with it. Why? Because it was yet another tool that was demanding my attention, but not really giving back. I had some early success with brainstorming for my current BCIT class, but since then? I do wander by Wave (using Waveboard), […]