Jason Calacanis’ iPad Hoax Reminds Us to Bring a Salt Shaker When Reading News

Yep, I was taken in as well. The night before the iPad launch Jason Calacanis started off a stream of tweets that said that he had been an iPad tester for a while and rattled off a features that sounded logical. Cameras, games, e-reader, solar panels … hold on … I was wondering about that. […]

I’m looking forward to reading my books on the iPad and so should you

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m pschyed about the iPad. No, it isn’t perfect. Yep there are some obvious flaws (lack of USB port or SD card reader are big ones for me), but I’m excited about how this will change how we use computers. I remember I wasn’t too keen on the iPhone at first, […]

Canwest’s buyer has an opportunity for innovation

This is one of those times when the clichéd Tale of Two Cities quotes comes to mind. I’ll save you the pain and skip it. Yeah, we get it, newspapers as we know them are in trouble. Just like the advent of the telegraph changed how news was gathered, transmitted and reported, the Internet has […]

Observe, Learn, Adapt, Flourish–All Publishing is at a turning point

I don’t buy terribly many books anymore, or magazines, and certainly not newspapers. A bit of an ironic statement from someone who’s first book comes out in January, but I don’t equate publishing with paper. I assume that my books will have more life in digital editions than in paper ones. I’ve been writing in […]