Free iWork and the End of the Tyranny of MS Office


I know the world is focused on the new iPhones (5C and 5S) with their cool colors, souped up power, and fingerprint scanner, but I think one of the early (and smaller) announcements during today’s event has more far reaching implications than the devices. Implications that should scare the crap out of the folks in […]

iWork iOS comes to iPhones and iPod Touches: Apple’s Assault on Business Market?


The idea of the “office in your” pocket is something that we bandy about, but an iPad—or even one of the smaller tablets—aren’t really pocket sized per se. On the other hand, an iPhone certainly is and with Apple releasing iWork for iPhone and iPod Touch that ideal is getting pretty darn close. Yes, yes, […]

More Back to School Tips and a Contest! Win Scrivener!

Over on the Future Shop blog, Krypto has given you her tips for getting a great laptop—Student Laptop Buying Tips – From a Perpetual Student’s Perspective—well here are some more tips from someone who spent a good amount of time in class, and in front of it. Okay, truth be told, these aren’t all my […]

Is Office Online or Google Docs the Answer?

Yesterday I posed the question whether Mac users can turn their backs on MS Office—Can Mac Users Turn Their Backs on Microsoft Office?—and then offered a companion MS Office: Love it or Leave it poll. At this point the comments and poll results don’t look good for MS Office, but I was surprised to see […]