Writing, Posting, and Administering WordPress from iOS


Update Sept 4th: I added links to the core apps that I use on my iPad for writing. If you want to leave your laptop at home and just wander with your iPad, that’s cool. I’ve written a lot about doing that. In fact I’ve written a day’s worth of posts on my iPad while […]

The Next Logical Step: iMacPadBook

I was just thinking about today’s WWDC announcements which led me to wonder how much Jony Ive has to do with designs products today which then led to the “ah ha” moment that, of course, Ive still contributes. In fact, not only that but he (and likely Tim Cook as well as the posthumous vision […]

Have iPad, will travel. MacBook Pro, you stay home.

Started off with this TUAW article linking to And Ihnatko’s article on MacWorld UK about the “post PC era” and how an iPad can replace toting around a MacBook for a lot of mobile tasks. While I think a MacBook Air-esque MacBook Pro could be an amazing laptop, I’m with Andy Ihnatko—my MacBook can stay […]

iOS 5, iCloud, and Lion Updates Will Start Really Changing Things

Apple (Canada) - iOS 5 - 200+ new features for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The griping about the iPhone 4S—which the more I think of it is a great update to the iPhone 4—has overshadowed the real stuff that is going to make us love our iOS devices more—iOS 5, iCloud, and the Lion updates to support them. By all accounts, iOS 5 fixes how freakin’ annoying notifications are […]

Teaching Sans Laptop for the First Time


I’ve been teaching classes through UBC Continuing Ed for a good couple years now. I teach building websites with WordPress (for normal people, e.g. no coding) and Podcasting 101. Both are fun to teach and every time I teach them I get better at presenting the topics. Yeah the first couple were a little rough, […]