Blogging With Your iPad: A Basic How-To

2012-10-16 14.56.36-1-FSimage

You have an iPad. You’re surfing, you read and answer emails, read books, play games, watch movies, post to your blog… Wait, what? Post to my blog? No way! That’s way to hard. The apps don’t work well, and how, pray tell, do I deal with images? Huh, mister smarty pants professional blogger…oh right. While […]

Readdle Updates Calendars and Makes It Awesome


It’s funny how Apple do so many things really well, but just misses the boat on a few core apps on the iPad. Mail is a common whipping boy, but let’s not forget the build in Calendar app. Clunky, slow, cumbersome, and just not the best app in the world. Sure it works, but I […]

Why I bought Instapaper—again.

You know those moments in life when all the right pieces come together and stuff just seems to work out? Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it, but the world appears to be telling me that “Tris, your calling is to write stuff. A lot of stuff.” and who am I to disagree? From this revelation (or […]

Zite adds user profiles to their app—Everyone can have their own view of the news


Zite for iPad—born in Vancouver through research at UBC and now owned by CNN—is one of those “best of breed” apps that makes keeping up with the news nearly painless. Except if you have lots of people using your iPad. So while you might be interested in all things Mac your spouse might what to […]

Vancouver’s Zite scooped up by CNN—Welcome to the new era of news

Photo Aug 30, 11 39 05 AM

It was rumored last week during the GROW conference, but today it’s been confirmed. Vancouver-based Zite has been acquired by CNN (Techvibes and RWW) for a rumored $20–25 million. Beyond kudos to the developers (who came out of UBC), I think this affirms what I’ve thinking for sometime—apps like Zite, Summify, and Flipboard might very […]