This is Your Addressbar, This is Your Google…One is for Going Places, the Other is for Finding Them

I couldn’t help but to click through to a post with the title of “How Google Failed Its Users and Gave Birth to an Internet Meme“, but reading the post, I have to say that Mike is way off the mark here. His main point is that when users typed “Facebook login” into Google, they […]

Shh writer at work, and typing really fast too!

I found out that my video camera can do interval recording! So I set it to record one frame every second. Now when you play it back at 30 frames/second you get the fast forward look. So I don’t really type that fast, but I wish I did!

Why we geeks make it so hard on ourselves

You’d think a group of people who know what Occam’s Razor is would actually follow it… [From xkcd – A Webcomic – I’m An Idiot]

Premier Gordon Campbell auditioning for Canucks mascot?

This morning Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks and Premier Gordon Campbell kicked off the seven annual Spirit of 2010 Hockey Tournament, but after Premier Campbell met and chatted with the parents of the young players on the ice, he appears to be looking for a new post-Premier gig: Looks like he’s trying out to […]

Ar Mateys Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day


Not that I will, I think folks in Victoria have a rather low opinion of pirates, but these videos were sent to me by a friend and should help you if you choose to speak in pirate today: Oh and don’t forget pirate pickup lines if you happen to be going out tonight.