If I started blogging today

It’s been almost six years since I started blogging. Not nearly as long as some of my friends, but long enough to have a few things that I know I’d do differently. With the book out and review coming in, like this review from the Vancouver Sun, I’ve had a little time to think about […]

Social Media and Business–no different then versus now

Way back in 2005, when “business blogs” were pretty rare creatures, those of use who were pushing the boundaries and getting some of the first businesses to actively use blogs were telling businesses to start blogging only if they were serious about getting input from their customers. If they weren’t ready for that kind of […]

All the extra tools bloggers need–WordCamp Victoria talk

It’s not hard to get blogging, regardless of what blog engine you use (though WordPress is the best IMHO), but there are tricks and tools that make life easier for you. At WordCamp Victoria I decided to distill and talk about the blogging toolkit that I’ve built up over the years. Tools like blog editors, […]

My blogging process–The 2009 edition

Earlier this week I gave you a look at my blogging tools—Tools that rock my blogging that you should try too | Six Easy Blogging Projects Blog—and some of you might have wondered how I actually write the posts I produce. Even though I’ve titled this my “2009 edition”, not much has changed in my […]