Slide out of the spotlight and start being interesting


It’s taken me a few days to come up with the angle here. I read this Business Insider post on Klout—Klout and startup adolescence—and I knew there was a good post in there (beyond saying “oh Klout is terrible” or “how we need Klout more than ever”), I just couldn’t quite put my finger on […]

HootSuite Isn’t a Social Media Dashboard


I’ve been a fan of HootSuite for years (the fact that they are also in Vancouver and lots of my friends work there is purely secondary). They quickly replaced TweetDeck as my Twitter dashboard of choice and if I’m advising clients on how to manage and update their social media profiles—HootSuite is the first (and […]

HootSuite ups the ante with new Facebook features and support

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

HootSuite does it again adding more features to the already stellar social media app. This time it’s all Facebook love for HootSuite and by the looks of the video from the newly updated HootSuite Facebook features page, I don’t think you’ll ever after visit Facebook again. Which is just fine by me. Now, if you’re […]

My blogging process–The 2009 edition

Earlier this week I gave you a look at my blogging tools—Tools that rock my blogging that you should try too | Six Easy Blogging Projects Blog—and some of you might have wondered how I actually write the posts I produce. Even though I’ve titled this my “2009 edition”, not much has changed in my […]